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Strength Register

Throwing Sandbag

Throwing Sandbag

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The Strength Register throwing sandbag in blue with a capacity of approximately 34kg. Use it for bag toss, one or two handed, over various heights or aim for distance - maybe event into targets. Can also substitute for a kettlebell. The movement is a brilliant warmup from strongman which drills triple extension emphasising power and explosivity.

Made from durable 100% Nylon 1050D Cordura. They will eventually wear out after good service and they don't like sharp objects near them.

Constructed with an outer shell and inner liner bag, both from the same material. Triple stitching, with 100% nylon velcro for the filler flap, doubled over and closed with a YKK zipper.

Easy to fill. We recommend using dry sand - Kiln dried is best and will allow to to take the bag to capacity and possibly a bit over. Don't forget to level out the sand every now and the during filling.

If you use other substrates to fill the bag you may end up with a lighter or heavier weight.

Colours may vary slightly based on the manufacturing time/run.

AS used at Britain's Strongest Master 2023, England's Strongest Man Qualifiers 2023, SCL England 2023. u105 UK's Strongest Man 2023. Hampshire's Strongest and Haynes Farm Open 2023.

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